Night Glow è il nuovo singolo di Jupiter Cubero, per la giovane artista statunitense è il primo brano in collaborazione con la Red Owl Records & Orangle Records, distribuita da INgrooves Music Group Universa Music ItaliaI don’t know how to write love songsBut I wish that I couldI try to explain the way it feelsBut it doesn’t workNight Glow, un brano dedicato all’amore, nato nella semplicità di un momento intimo avvolti nella passione nella loro stanza con quelle lucine che trasmettevano amore e passione, da qui nasce prende il nome il brano.Can you see the way the light dances in your eyes?You look so beautiful I wish that I could keep you here all nightYou’ve been so honest lately just let me know if you can breatheIf I hold you, do you promise to think of me?La canzone parla dei momenti passati durante la una di miele di questa relazione, quando tutto sembra perfetto, l’amore a mille, ogni attimo vorresti che non passasse mai, l’amore perfetto, nel posto perfetto, quello che si è sempre sognato tra una coppiaNothing ever felt the way we didNo, I never fell in love againNothing ever felt the way we didTake me back to that night darling.In realtà questo brano ebbe la sua completezza addirittura quasi due anni dopo, in un momento di ricordi di quella luna di miele, e come per incanto, quel momento tornò vivo, come un viaggio nel passato e rivedersi li felici, scritto da Jupiter, composto e prodotto in collaborazione Don Turney della DKS Productions, con l’intento di trasmettere una carica di emozioni e sensazioni uniche, di sognare a occhi aperti in quei momenti malinconici che la notte ci riserva, e ascoltare le parole nel nostro cuore.  BIOGRAFIAJupiter Cubero has been singing since they could understand the concept of music, immediately being drawn to the lyrics and the meaning behind every word. Having taken vocal lessons for the majority of their life, their most prized possession has been their voice and the ability to make music. To Jupiter, the only way performing songs made sense was if they had written it themselves, since storytelling and poetry have always been two of their biggest divers in life. The music they made wasn’t only made for fun though, as one of the most important aspects for Jupiter is getting heard and making a change, therefore performance has been a hugely important outlet. Although they haven’t had many chances to perform original songs, they take advantage of every opportunity to sing in front of an audience and connect, which is the most important thing. Jupiter uses songwriting and vocals to express their feelings and evoke those same emotions in everyone that listens.“Love Wrong” was their first release. Published in January 2023, written and produced by Jupiter, it was recorded during their High School Music Production class. Love Wrong was written after their first heartbreak and not being able to express directly how they felt. Each verse is filled with emotion, betrayal, doubt, and sadness.Just a few weeks later, in February 2023, Jupiter Cubero released their second single, the window song, produced by DKS Productions. The window song is Jupiter’s most personal work so far since it is about a very dark point in their life, where they were not feeling worth living, and didn’t want to be in the world anymore. The window song is really close to Jupiter because it helped them begin to heal. It was the song that they needed to hear to encourage them to continue with their life.With the release of the window song, Jupiter was able to reach greater audiences. Listeners and followers commenced to enjoy and request their music, at the same time DJs and reporters started adding their song to their programs and news. This drove Jupiter’s desire to continue making music and a couple months later, Jupiter released their third single, “Friends”.“Friends is a song about betrayal but also about what friendship means” describes Jupiter. Written and composed after their best friend ghosted them so and they couldn’t express their feelings, Friends It is an unique track full of sentiment, a song centered on the melody and the lyrics that reveals the inner life of a young artist who wants to convey feelings of disappointment in a world where friends are always needed but might feel lonely at times.Once “Friends” was released, an avalanche of positive reviews came to Jupiter’s inbox, in addition to a request for collaboration and an offer to publish a new song with Red Owl Records.“Slowly” is the last of the singles Jupiter has released this year. Written at midnight on a day where it was pouring outside, it was actually created to help them sleep. Struggling with insomnia for some time, Slowly was born as a lullaby that reminded them of all those things that made them feel at peace when their inner voice doesn’t stop at night.“Another haunting and melodic track where the vocal is the absolute standout once more” – Beyond the Bridge on Raw RadioIt’s an absorbing track with an enthralling mix of captivating instrumentation perfectly complimented by Jupiter Cubero’s sumptuous vocal delivery.” – Alt Music Radio UK/USANoticing the theme and the story in the songs Jupiter Cubero has been releasing, they have decided to write an album, in which they have been working since May 2023. The album will include some of the songs already released as well as a few more that tell the story of their first love, their friends together, what came after the heartbreak, and all the emotions and stories that were created. Written and assembled as a book where each song is a chapter, Jupiter’s first album is expected to be released in 2024. LINK ARTISTA FacebookInstagramTwitterTikTokYouTube channeliTunesAmazonMusicSpotifyTIDALYouTube Music   
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